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2015 AQR Insight Award Call for Financial Theory, Practical Application
2014년 10월 22일 (수) DongMin Park, Reporter dmpark@worldyannews.com

AQR Capital Management, LLC (“AQR”) began accepting submissions for its fourth annual AQR Insight Award, which recognizes and rewards important, unpublished academic papers that best address challenges facing institutional investors. Up to three papers will share a $100,000 prize.

We accept papers on any investment-related topic as long as they deliver clear, significant insights. Papers must not be published before December 15, 2014.

At AQR, we embrace financial theory as the foundation of our business. So it makes sense that, through the AQR Insight Award, we encourage others in the academic community who contribute to the field of financial research. The award honors those papers that provide significant insights and original, intelligent approaches to real issues in the investment world, and stand up to rigorous review.

Hundreds of researchers from dozens of countries have submitted papers in the first three years of the AQR Insight Award. As in the past, the AQR Insight Award prize money may be divided among as many as three competing entries depending on the quality of the submissions each year.

Up to five finalists will be invited to present their papers in Greenwich, Connecticut, to the committee of judges. That panel consists of senior members of AQR's portfolio management team, many of whom are leading academic finance experts from universities such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Northwestern, NYU, London Business School and the University of Chicago.

The AQR Insight Award Committee consists of Gregor M. Andrade, Ph.D.; Clifford S. Asness, Ph.D.; Andrea Frazzini, Ph.D.; Jacques A. Friedman; Marco Hanig, Ph.D.; Brian Hurst; Antti Ilmanen, Ph.D.; Ronen Israel; David G. Kabiller, CFA; Michael Katz, Ph.D.; John M. Liew, Ph.D.; Hitesh Mittal; Michael A. Mendelson; Mark L. Mitchell, Ph.D.; Tobias J. Moskowitz, Ph.D.; Lars N. Nielsen; Yao Hua Ooi; Lasse H. Pedersen, Ph.D.; Todd C. Pulvino, Ph.D.; Scott A. Richardson, Ph.D. and Andrew J. Sterge, Ph.D.
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