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Abu Dhabi P GHQ Signs MOU with Harvard
2013년 12월 10일 (화) JungYoon Min, Reporter jymin@worldyannews.com

The Abu Dhabi Police GHQ has signed an agreement with Harvard University’s Department of Government.

The agreement aims to increase cooperation between the two institutions in areas of mutual interest.The Memorandum of Understanding was recently signed in the United Kingdom.

It was signed by Colonel Mohammed Hamid bin Dalmouj Al Dhaheri, Strategy and Performance Development Director General at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. On behalf of Harvard University’s Department of Government, the MOU was signed by Ms. Anne-Mary Slaughter, Head of the Development and Ongoing Training Program.

  Colonel Mohammed Hamid bin Dalmouj Al Dhaheri, Ms. Anne-Mary Slaughter and Major Ali Abdullah Bin Daen Al Ghafli during the MoU signature between ADP and Harvard University. ©AD Police  
The MoU aims to promote cooperation between the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ and Harvard University in the training and grooming of future leaders. The agreement will allow both parties to discharge their duties and functions more effectively.

Major Ali Abdullah Bin Daen Al Ghafli, Deputy Director of Strategy and Performance Development at the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, attended the signing ceremony.

It is worth mentioning that Harvard University is one of the oldest and most prestigious American universities, and is also one of the oldest and most respected universities in the world. Moreover, Harvard is associated with the highest number of graduates and researchers who have received Nobel prizes and other world-renowned awards and honors.

It has the largest university endowment, campus and equipment. The university is one of the eight Ivy League universities. It is ranked fifth in terms of competitiveness, as it has one of the lowest student acceptance rates in the world.


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