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IYSC to Hold Special Lecture Event for Inchon Teens
2012년 07월 18일 (수) ShinYeong Lee, Staff Reporter gabriel@worldyannews.com

The Inchon Youth Service Center(IYSC) will be holding a special VIP(Vision, Imagination, Passion) lecture event inviting famous celebrities for Inchon teens on July 21 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Cancer Center of the Gil Medical Center(located in Guwoldong Namdonggu)

At this event, well-known celebrities and activists reaching out from the Inchon area to contribute to the country and to the society will come to speak to teens from various school clubs about their dreams and aspirations. They will come to help teens seek out their vision, imagination, and passion, and moreover, will help participating teens to look into what their dream role model is to grow as strong contributors to their respective communities.

KBS Gag Concert PD Soo-min Seo will be speaking at the juncture in tandem with the event’s theme of “Imagination” to speak about what imagination means to her from her many experiences. The club that applies first will win an “Early Bird Award” and receive gifts at the event.

Since CEO  Jung-hoon Kim gave his lecture on “Vision” in April, the “Imagination” theme is the second part with PD Soo-min Seo and the last, “Passion”, will be held on September 22. Any and all teen clubs from middle and high schools in the Inchon area are welcome to apply. For more information, interested parties can contact the IYSC at 032)833-8057 or at www.inyouthvol.net.


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