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Philippine International Lawyer Global Law School
2012년 05월 25일 (금) JaeHee Kim, Reporter jhkim@worldyannews.com

Land Tech Co., Ltd. chairman Kim Ryu-hyun signed MOU for supporting scholarships with Evenezer International University.

  International lawyer Hun-tae Cho on the law firm Cheongan appointed as the vice president in Philippine Ebenezer International University (Right)  

An international lawyer and the inventor of Jojo English multiplication table Hun-tae Cho has been appointed as the vice president in Ebenezer International University in the Philippines.

Ebenezer International University, located 43km south of Manila, is the 42nd four-year college authorized by the Philippine Education Department in 2004. The former Education Minister as well as the former Nasal University president Gomez is the current president of Ebenezer International University.

Being appointed as the vice president of the Ebenezer University, Cho has also been appointed as the first dean for the Global Law School which the University is planning to establish. Ebenezer Global Law School is aiming to foster international lawyers who have both practical skills and theories with the students from all over the world including Korea and China, by applying programs from New York University where Cho attended.

Also by accepting former lawyers and judges from Korea, China, and other countries, the school is also planning to let the students study the courses of U.S law schools, get an international lawyer’s license, and also hone their English skills.

And what would be the reason for Cho to choose the Philippines rather than Korea to run law school programs.
“The Philippines offers the best environment to foster international lawyers. An international lawyer should be proficient in using English, having an excellent command of Anglo-American laws, and especially the international business laws, and public international laws. And the Philippines is the best place to solve both the matters of English and lawyer’s license. The reason I gave up to establish a graduate school in Korea is also because the English problem can’t be solved,” said Cho. “As the students need to use English even after law school programs in the Philippines, acquiring English is 3~4 times easier than in Korea.”

- What are the entrance requirements for the future Ebenezer Global Law School students?

As the ones who already got the bachelor’s degree in law after graduating four-year law schools in Korea and China can be approved as U.S law school Juris Doctors, they can be admitted to the LL.M, a one-year program without taking JD course. The problem is the insufficient preparation of English and U.S laws for those who go to the U.S to work as lawyers facing huge difficulties.

But those who have got the BA in law can take English and Pre-law courses in the Philippines for two years, facing less difficulties in the U.S. I even saw many people failing in bar exams because of English problems.

Those who graduated four-year colleges should enter Ebenezer Global Law School as freshmen. Those with high school diploma can enter Ebenezer International College, arm with strong English competency, and challenge for law schools.

- I believe this plan will cost a fortune, and how are you going to raise funds need for the plan?

Of course a financial support is surely needed. And that problem has been solved as the Land Tech Co. Ltd chairman Kim Ryu-hyun decided to become part of our plan.

- What is Land Tech specialized in, and who is the chairman Kim Ryu-hyun?

Land Tech is a property developer. Kim introduces her company as the one which ‘connects land with people.’ Land Tech is different from other companies chasing for the profits only in many ways. Acquaintances of Kim say that she is a person of ‘honesty, consistency, and super-positive attitude.’ As I got to know her, I could agree with them, and I sincerely respect her.

- So I heard that the Land Tech signed MOU for the scholarship project with Ebenezer International College?

She already supported scholarships for some of the students, and is planning to maintain that project. During the Q&A time after presenting scholarships, we could get the hang of her life principle. Her dream is not only becoming rich, but also becoming a good person. She thinks that what she earned should give back to the society. She thinks that she needs to use her fortune for other people, and not store them in her pocket. President Gomez also was deeply impressed with Kim’s thoughts.

- I hope that both scholarship project and law school business go well. What would be your last comment?

These kinds of works can’t be accomplished only by a few people. I hope that media and other organizations who speak for the community actively step out for this cause. I think the fruits for all these works belong to all of us, not a sole person.
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