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2012 Korea Education Contribution Fair
2012년 03월 19일 (월) YeongJoo Lee, Staff Reporter yjlee@worldyannews.com

On March 17, Ms. Park visited Korean Education Contribution Fair with her two daughters. Her first daughter wanted to participate in 'Flight Attendant Experience Class' in the fair. Ms. Park was worried when she heard about the fair, for she thought she might have to contribute money to education-related groups or associations there.


However, as soon as she arrived at the exhibition, she realized that students and parents are the main beneficiaries of the contribution. The fair's Education Contribution refers to the contributions that companies and organization make for the children and students, by providing human and material resources.

In Asiana Airlines' booth, Park's daughter wore the flight attendant's uniform and practiced walking. The real crew members helped her understand the tasks on the plane. She loved the experience class. Meanwhile, Park's second daughter joined the eco cup making activity in Social Enterprise Doori's booth. She made her own cup by drawing and colouring on a biscuit-fired cup. While making the cup, the instructor at the booth explained about low-carbon green growth in plain terms.


Park says about the exhibition, "This is such a good fair for our children. I didn't know that the companies and organizations had been providing such many free programs for the students. As a parent of two girls, I will be very happy if education fairs like this are held more often." "I saw many students in my elder daughter's age participating in the activities in Stage Costume, Aerospace, and New Regeneration Energy booths. I think that means teenagers are more interested in these kinds of things than just studying. If you are a wise parent, you would probably want to help your children find their own interest(or talent) and then support them for it, instead of forcing them to study," she added.


Major business groups provide youth job training courses for teenagers

The Animated Film Making Class was held in Doosan Donga's booth. The participating students learned about the principles of projector operation and made their own animated film with KAIST students' help. In Samsung Electronics' booth provided visitors with the electronics class that taught the operating principles of home electronics like robot cleaners. One of the most popular events was held in Asiana Airlines' booth: many high school girls joined the One-Day crew member experience. They put on a crew member's uniform and enjoyed serving passengers like real flight attendants.


Various Talent Donations by Education-related Organizations

Besides major business groups, various education-related organizations participated in the fair. The joining organizations include Paramita Youth Buddhist Association, Young Falcons of Korea, Korea Olympians Association, and other 36 groups.

One of them was a meditation volunteer association, and its booth caught many parents and educators' attention. Hexomia Organization is a nonprofit volunteer group that dispatches meditation instructors to schools and help students find peace through meditation.


Starting in 2007, the accumulated number of Hexomia Meditation's beneficiaries takes about 50,000(Dec.2011). The elementary school children who experienced Hexomia meditation said as follows: 'Now I'm getting along with my friends better.' 'I became calm, so I could do well on my test.' 'I could feel that bad things in my heart disappeared and good things came into my body.'

Hoxomia Organization has been formally recognized for its effort on personality education. It received the appreciation plaque from Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education in 2010. In 2011 it was selected as Talent Donation Organization by Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, and also as Education Donation Organization by Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education. If your school is interested, you can visit its official website(http://hexomia.org) and apply for the dispatch meditation service for free.


Its staff at the booth also introduced 'Hexomia Energy Station,' the free meditation centre open to all people. The energy station is located in 5 large cities including Seoul, Daegu, Busan, Daejeon and Gwangju, and is operated under the supporters' contribution. Whoever needs stress release and refreshment for mind and body can visit Hexomia Energy Station and enjoy 30-minute meditation.

2012 Korea Education Contribution Fair, which lasted 3 days from March 16 to 18, ended in great success with the participation and cooperation of large business groups, universities, and organizations. The Fair was held in Kintex 2-Exhibition Hall and hosted by KBS and Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.
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