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Cho, Huntae's ‘Jo-jo English Multiplication Table’ Part II
2012년 02월 28일 (화) JaeHee Kim, Reporter jhkim@worldyannews.com

International Lawyer Cho Hyun-tae said “‘English Multiplication Table’ is a tool which lets you master the usage of a verb, preposition, and adverb, and accordingly helps digest and absorb more than 80% of the essence of English communication. The key element of English speaking competency is the usage of a verb, preposition, and adverb.”

- Can you give more details about ‘English Multiplication Table’?

A verb alone without a connection of preposition and adverb cannot complete the meaning of a verb. Anglo-Saxon, an old English language which was the language before several languages including Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian were mixed with Latin, made almost all verbal expressions in the form of a simple verb, preposition, and adverb.

‘Ascendere’ and ‘descendre’ in Latin, for example, can simply be expressed as ‘go up’ and ‘go down’ in English. That is why the meanings of almost all of the verbs can be displayed in ‘English Multiplication Table (EMT)’ by the combination of a verb and preposition.

- Is it really possible to have a conversation with American and English people by making simple sentences with verbs, prepositions, and adverbs?

Of course it is. The language which is currently being used as an international language has been changed to the form of Future English which is simple and standardized. English as an international language is not an exclusive property of American and English people anymore. It is being used as the official communication tool in fields of politics, foreign affairs, military, and especially economics.

Even American and English people write in simplified form of Future English rather than using their communication way which can distort the meaning. Many countries around the world are not only using English in their own ways rather than using American and English system, but also gradually settling down to the system of Future English to reduce conflict in the Global village. We Koreans should also keep up with this trend.

- Considering the current situation of Korea, what are the meanings of American and English system, and Future English system, and what is the difference between the two?

When we buy and sell things, we can freely have a deal if we know how to add, subtract, and divide. We don’t have to know complicated methods of calculus. Likewise, we don’t have to know every aspect of English. Only the most essential basic of communication is what we should know when using English.

In other words, we don’t have to study English as if we are studying difficult examinations. What we need is to study the arithmetic of English and freely express the daily English. And I believe when you train with ‘English Multiplication Table,’ you can achieve the goal in the shortest time possible. The English which Korean people have studied goes to the extent of studying difficult examinations, while Future English is the arithmetic of simple and standardized English.

- How popular is ‘English Multiplication Table’ in Korea?

Many Instructors have already been cultivated by the instructor training process of ‘Jo-jo English Multiplication Table.’ All the courses are now produced free of charge. And a lot of ordinary citizens are learning English through ‘English Multiplication Table,’ and the reaction is very positive.

I think there should be the arithmetic of English for public officials and soldiers to master and use English easily. I am trying to find the way to develop English program for the sake of national defense and national interest. Maybe Korea, which is a non-English-speaking country, would someday become a first country to export English to a third country. And I think this could be a dream we can accomplish.

- What direction do you think for the English education in Korea is desirable from now on?

Global economic crisis and conflict have been lasting outside Korea, and securing oil is unstable and uncertain due to the restless situation in the Middle East. In a situation like this, if we consider the position of Korea, trying to join the ranks of advanced countries, bring stability to the nation, and resolve confrontation between South and North Korea, English is beyond educational problem.

In this context, while English education is a matter which the Ministry of Education should take the lead, we should approach English in a different angle. Because of the incidents which have dishonored the Ministry of Defense as well as all the soldiers, such as Cheonan ship sinking, Baengnyeongdo shelling, military assaults, evasion of military service, desertion from the army, and suicides of soldiers, I believe Korean people’s distrust toward the Ministry of Defense is greater than ever.

I heard there have been quite a few casualties resulting from communication problem during Korea-US joint military drill. Considering these incidents, if the Ministry of Defense give the ordinary soldiers a chance of receiving efficient English education as part of providing better benefits, anyone after finishing military service of 2~3 years could develop simple English communication skills.

-Then why do you think ‘English Multiplication Table’ should especially be supplied quickly to soldiers?

English Multiplication Table’ is a one-page table, so you don’t have to spare a lot of time studying it. Since there are 850 words (and if necessary, military terms can also be added) on the table, it is more applicable for soldiers than other hundreds pages of learning materials.

Students returning to school, and employees returning to workplace after finishing military service, would also benefit from ‘English Multiplication Table’ because it has helped them use English better than before. Job creation would be boosted as well, as ‘English Multiplication Table’ instructors can also open their own private institutes.

Anyone who finishes military service will be able to receive the compliment of using English well. Moreover, excessive amount of private education service will be reduced as well.
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