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IYSC Hosts Teen Leadership Activities
2011년 08월 12일 (금) ShinYeong Lee, Staff Reporter gabriel@worldyannews.com

The Inchon Youth Service Center(IYSC) is a central hub for Inchon’s teens. IYSC hosts dozens of activities year-long including cultural activities where teens can experience new horizons and recreational activities where the main focus is to have as much fun as possible. IYSC is also well known for its emphasis on teen leadership programs. Recently, IYSC hosted two teen leadership programs to enhance teen potential as well as getting them involved in the community.

From August 8 to 9, IYSC its fourth Inchon, Gyeonggi, Seoul Teen Participation Committee Policy Forum at the Inchon Youth Retreat Center. Its purpose was to create a Teen Participation Committee network in the capital area and erect healthy teen policies through continuous information sharing.


During the two days, Kim Seung-hee, head of Inchon’s Children and Teen Department, Jung Ji-sun, sub-head of Gyeonggido’s Children and Teen Department, Seo Jae-bum, director of the Gyeonggi Youth Service Center, and Yoon Jung-ae, director of the Inchon Youth Sex Culture Center made appearances.

The capital area’s Teen participation Committee Policy Forum started in 2008 visiting a different city every year. This year’s forum was held in Inchon and its theme was “Healthy Sex Culture in Our Society, Healthy Growing Teens”. Various teen sex culture lectures were along with minute discussions on sex culture. IYSC stated that, “The Inchon Teen Participation Committee will carry forward campaign activities, meet with the mayor, and hold the 2011 evaluation meeting to improve awareness on sex culture.”

The Inchon Teen Participation Committee is a municipal teen policy-making body formed by the government and local governments to allow children and teens to make and implement their own policies. There are 10 local bodies in Inchon and each brings policy suggestions to their respective municipal and district offices.

From August 9 to 10, IYSC hosted its 2011 Inchon Global Leadership Camp. 40 school presidents from high schools all over Inchon participated in this event. IYSC hosted this event in hopes to “promote teen leadership in the Inchon area” and “find and nurture talented teens in the global mindset”. For the two days the camp took place, numerous programs to help teens learn how to communicate as a group and look into themselves as individuals were provided.

Special lectures from well-known public figures also made this occasion more special. Among others, Hannara Party member and National Assemblyman Yoon Sang-hyun talked to the gathered teens about the “qualifications of a global leader”.

Through this day’s lecture, Yoon introduced Genghis Khan and former President Lincoln’s tolerant leadership and former President Kennedy’s courage leadership imploring the teens, as the pillars of the future society, to learn and accept the qualifications that the global society looks up to.

“Inchon’s global leaders must not rely on petty ‘small-town’ ties like school, blood, and locality, but instead grow global business minds and salesman spirits to go global. We need leader salesmen who understand the dynamics between international politics and global business and strategic environment. We need you to go to the major cities all over the world to explain Inchon’s investment environment and bring back results,” Yoon orated.

Other lectures followed including one on “Self-Leadership” and “Disc Behavioral Modes and Communication”. Heated discussions on free lunches, low birth-rate countermeasures, and Dokdo also ensued. The students also created public campaign advertisements which is planned to be distributed through UCCs and SNS media.
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